Youth Information Centres (YIC) is a Youth Board of Cyprus project which aims at providing general information to young people on matters relating to their needs and interests in a comfortable, safe, modern and friendly environment. YICs operate along the standards of the European Youth Information Centres and information is provided based on the European Youth Information Charter of the European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA). Moreover, Youth Information Centres operate as contact points of the European Information Network Eurodesk Cyprus. An additional purpose of the YICs is to empower young people in their first steps to social inclusion as independent citizens, and to support them in dealing with potential future challenges. This is achieved through providing useful information and counselling services on topic of their interest.

Are you a young person between 13 – 35 years old? At a Youth Information Centre you can:

  • Book an appointment with a specialised counsellor on:
    career guidance, career development, psychological support and counselling on matters of your concern
  • Find out information on European projects and opportunities, since YICs operate as Eurodesk Cyprus contact points (volunteerism, employment, internships, funding, competitions, etc.)
  • Take part in various events, such as seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Participate at the annual Student Empowerment Summer Schools
  • Organise your own events for young people and other youth related groups, as YIC premises are available for use
  • Get to know programs and services by other youth related groups and agencies
  • Benefit from various opportunities and discounts on travels, theatre performances, shops, etc. in Cyprus and Europe, offered by the European Youth Card. Find out more here.

All the services are offered free of charge!